Monday, April 8, 2013

An Overview of the 2D CAD Drafting Services Related To Different Domains

The 2D CAD drafting services are the prerequisite for the kick start and the successful completion of any type of engineering project such as the architectural, electrical, mechanical or plumbing project.

Drafting is the initial and inevitably the important phase where the project is outlined for the first time.

All the following phases such as the drawing conversion, 3D design and modeling depend on the dimensional accuracy of the particular 2D drawing.

Whether it is the drawing of a building, a product, an electrical assembly or a piping assembly; the 2D CAD drafting services are of utmost importance for the proper execution of the design phases which follow.

Depending upon the different project requirements, clients may opt for the 2D CAD drafting services of a specific domain or a combination of domains.

The Architectural CAD Drafting Services Include:
  • Elevation and sectional drawings of architectural buildings
  • Paper to CAD conversion
  • Raster to vector conversion
  • As built drawings
  • Detailed floor plans and roof plans
  • Architectural site plans
The Mechanical CAD Drafting Services Include:
  • 2D drafting of mechanical parts and assemblies
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Working drawings
  • Product designs
  • Mechanical component layouts
The Electrical CAD Drafting Services Include:
  • 2D drawings of electrical panels
  • Electrical wiring diagrams
  • Drafting of power distribution systems
  • Designs of electrical security systems
  • Circuit breaker drawings
The Plumbing CAD Drafting Services Include:
  • Drawings of water storage systems
  • Waste water treatment plan designs
  • Roof piping designs
  • Drawings of the drainage systems
  • Riser diagrams
All the above 2D CAD drafting services are being successfully undertaken with the help of the advanced software tools such as AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit, Microstation, TurboCAD and ProEngineer etc.

These software tools have all the required functionalities needed for the development of high quality drafts with the utmost measurement and accuracy.

As all the above drafting domains are associated with each other, the CAD software also provides the necessary functional tools in order to create a well rounded coordination between the various design components.

Moreover, there is no need to worry about the technical information exchange, as the software provides all the criteria for the efficient export and import of the design files to and from the outside sources respectively.

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